Sunday, May 18, 2008

Wildflower Meadow, Mt. Hood

7 x 11 inches, oil on primed archival matboard.
Here's a scene of purple Lupine and other as-yet unidentified flowers in bloom at timberline elevation on Mt. Hood.

Sharon, perhaps you can help identify...?

That's the summit of Mt. Hood, partially visible through the clouds.

A slightly larger panel, 7 x 11 inches. Really a study for a larger planned panorama of this same meadow, from a different angle.

I have a series of Mt. Hood and other Oregon landscapes either in the works or planned. I'll continue doing small studies but really want to make larger paintings, since I have the space for it now. Currently in process is another 24 x 36 Mt. Hood landscape. I hope to make some progress on it this week.

Yesterday I had a booth at the Alberta Art Hop on Alberta St. here in NE Portland. It was in the 90s, but was a fun scene with a typically wierd Portland parade, music, and lots of people enjoying our first blast of hot summer. We went from cold and wet to very hot almost overnight.