Thursday, April 24, 2008

Church, fence, bramble

6 x 8 inches, oil on board.

That's a church back there, but there's a fence and a bunch of brambly stuff in the foreground, blocking my way. I'll refrain from interpretation, but I did notice this with amusement. I do know that I like bramble. I have many bramble photos in deep shadow with delicate sunlit areas. Eventually, I will paint that series (I heard those groans).

The photo was taken a year ago last fall, in Old Bethpage Village on Long Island, NY. I love that place (duh). I painted this a couple weeks ago. Now I have turned my attention to Oregon, and have a few studies underway of some meadow areas on Mt. Hood. I will use these studies to produce some large paintings.

My goal is to post something 3 times a week, but I know to get there I'll have to become more disciplined and stick to my schedule. I know this is possible, but it'll be a stretch.

Thanks to all who peek in here from time to time.


Blogger Kay said...

This painting is growing on me, although I am ready for some sunny summer pictures and this image reminds me of fall. Is summer ever going to be here? I like the tiny chruch in the background but those brambles almost choke out the view of the field behind the fense. Keep up the painting. I'll be checking regularly now that I can get online again.

10:47 AM, April 27, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When I look at this painting and towards the church, I get the feeling that I am coming out of Fangore Forest. Were you leaving sinister thoughts behind? I agree with Kay also the colors remind me of fall. The church also reminds me of Middle College. Looking forward to the next posting.

2:47 AM, May 13, 2008  

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