Thursday, July 01, 2004

Minneapolis to Esterville

Kay and I drove up to Minneapolis for a very short visit with Wayne and Susan. We saw their nice home, had a great pancake breakfast before Susan had to head off to work, and looked through some of the photos they took on their trip to Italy. My photos of the fields of Iowa and South Dakota don't quite have the wow factor of the Italian coastline.

Our drive south from Minneapolis was highlighted by a storm with heavy rain and dramatic light effects.

From Minneapolis we headed to Esterville Iowa, where Kay's dad and stepmom live. We spent a day visiting with them, and Kay's uncle Lowell, and a cousin, and Pam, Kay's friend from high school.

This be Iowa.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yea! you're almost baaack.... I must say, I wasn't sure you'd actually do it, and so, I'm pleasantly surprised and glad of it.....
This photo looks like a painting. I really like it...

See you both soon,
Love, Babette

10:15 AM, October 02, 2007  

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