Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A Corner of Our Garden

7 x 5 inches, oil on board.

This is how our garden looked a couple weeks ago. I had difficulty finishing this painting due to extremely humid and hot weather, which totally drained me of energy and put me in a stupor. We purchased a little inflatable wading pool and sat in it periodically over the course of the worst days.

The garden has changed dramatically. The daisies are gone, the fence is being covered by morning glory vines, much of the salad mix in the foreground has bolted or been eaten, and the gazanias (the orange-yellow flowers in the right foreground) have grown and spread. Now I'm just hoping for a stretch of milder and more consistent weather so I can knock these paintings out faster.

Also during this last month I've been working on a couple larger landscapes and more views of our garden. They will be posted soon.


Blogger Kay said...

We've actually had a pretty nice summer here so far on Long Island without too much heat and humidity. In fact the garden is about two weeks behind last year.

I hope you will paint more of the gazanias because they are becoming my favorite flower this year. The snapdragons are nice too.

You did a fantanstic job on these flowers. I can't imagine even trying to paint such complex plants on a small panel. It's very beautiful.

3:57 AM, July 18, 2007  
Anonymous g. st.bernard said...

I was just looking over your work on this blog since the beginning of the year. I can see that you've been evolving towards this style at least since then. For what it's worth, I really like it!

It looks like you are laying the paint on thicker, which gives the works a texture and liveliness that some of your more meticulous work doesn't have. Speaking for myself, I think it's very effective. Keep it up!

6:02 AM, July 20, 2007  
Blogger mark anderson said...

George and Kay, thanks for your comments.
I hope to get closer to those gazanias too.
I guess I am moving towards thicker paint. It is not a deliberate, conscious choice. I do admire painters that move paint around in a sensuous and interesting way, using a personal language of diverse brushstrokes and marks. Also this development is probably affected by my experimentation (this last 9 months) with various mediums and additions to the oil paint, some of which make the paint thicker and more viscous. I do like some of the passages in this painting.

8:28 AM, July 23, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Expressing my impression in a simplistic way, I'll say this is a very nice painting of your garden. Are we going to get more views of your garden and its colorful delights? Chris

8:23 AM, September 06, 2007  

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