Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Old Bethpage Pine

6 x 8 inches, oil on board.

Here's another painting from Old Bethpage Village, the county park nearby which makes me feel like I've stepped back a century or two. I think this may be a White Pine, but I'm not sure. Whatever it is, I wish that cabin was my studio and this was the view from my kitchen porch.

This painting is a slightly larger 6 x 8 inches. I will be making some much larger landscapes this spring and summer.

I apologize for my long silence. My other job has been dictating play recently, but I've made some changes and should have more personal time (painting time) from now on.

If you're reading this, take a moment to say "hey". I need comments!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Say "Hey". I like this painting. Are you sure you are in Bethpage? For some reason I immediately thought of the tree you painted behind our great Jamestown apartment. Isn't it also great that the trees are leafing again? Your scene and painting style reminds me of a scene from an old 19th century painting. Which one I can't say. Looking forward to seeing more from "Old" Bethpage. I also like the picture of your parents. Just like I remember them back in Beloit and California.

1:47 AM, May 02, 2007  
Blogger Lynn said...

And here's "hey" #2. I like this painting as well. I wish I had room on my walls to hang all the work you do that I particularly like.

9:40 AM, May 02, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Nice tree. "Joe" Bloomington Fats

6:52 PM, May 06, 2007  
Blogger Kay said...

This one is my favorite.

4:32 PM, May 08, 2007  

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