Wednesday, September 28, 2005

My Dream Home

One of the most interesting aspects of Long Island is the "architecture". Levittown was the birthplace of the suburb in the late 40's. By now, almost everyone has gotten around to "improving" and "updating" the original small, boxy house. Pictured is just one such updatement.

There are stylistic elements which seem to be common to these remodelling jobs:

The tiniest windows available (not to mention UGLY).
Siding (usually vinyl) often running at a variety of angles.
Statues, fountains, and water "features".
Perfect lawns, and shrubs that look like children's drawings of shrubs.
Plastic flowers in window boxes and even in flower beds.
Pristine white fences made entirely of plastic.
Numerous large satellite dishes and various antennae.

If this is your house, Good One!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Through your work on the internet I feel like I am getting a great view of paradise in Levittown. Are people afraid of sunlight, thus the tiny windows? Is it possible to play golf on the lawn? Where can I sign up to purchase such a dream house come true?

8:36 AM, October 06, 2005  

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