Saturday, August 28, 2004

Living Desert

We're all bloggers now.

Might as well just accept it.

The pastel landscapes displayed on my website (, the beautiful ones as well as the junky ones, were all done in or near Carlsbad, New Mexico in the spring of 2003. Carlsbad has a plethora of junk as well as beauty. The pictures were all drawn on site; in fact, they were all made from the shelter of a tiny Honda Civic. "Living Desert" shows the landscape on the city limits of Carlsbad. "El Capitan" and "Hunter's Peak" were drawn in Guadalupe National Park, which is in the northwest corner of Texas, about 70 miles southeast of Carlsbad. El Capitan is over 9,000 foot tall and is part of an ancient exposed reef. It was very windy while I was drawing. The car was rocking and uprooted vegetation was blowing past.

I do work from photographs, but I don't copy them. They need to be interpreted. The best thing, though, is to be outside, in front of the real thing. "En plein air" as they say.


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